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Monuments & Markers

Monuments and Markers are permanent pieces of personal art, on display forever, as a testament to a life(s) lived.   Memorials serve as both historical records for those we love, as well as an opportunity to tell a personal story, through the artwork, messages and symbolism displayed on the memorial.  They are a placeholder for future generations to visit, to remember, and to pay their respects.  

We look forward to working with you, assisting you through the creative process including selecting options for personalization. Together, we can capture the memories and stories held most dear.

We coordinate memorial installations and inscriptions at Little Lake Cemetery, Highland Park Cemetery, plus at various cemetery locations throughout our region.  Call Danny, Jeff or Cecilia at 705 745 6984 to discuss your memorialization needs today.  

Understanding the Memorialization Process

It is best to consider what you may want for memorialization even before cemetery property is purchased.   Cemetery bylaws will define what type of memorialization is available for each area – Upright monument vs. Flat marker, dimension restrictions, limits on materials permitted, and method of installing.
When burial is not taking place, there are still many opportunities for memorialization – through benches, trees and gardens, memorial walls, partnered with permanent records for lineage and genealogy purposes.

Our knowledgeable staff will do the needed background research to ensure that what you design conforms to the cemetery bylaws and guidelines.

Selecting Materials for Long Lasting Beauty

The intrinsic nature of a memorial is for everlasting display.  For this purpose, cemeteries recommend only those materials that we know will maintain their integrity for decades and centuries to come.

Granite – Well known for its extraordinary resistance to time and weather, high quality granite comes from quarries all over the world, including Africa, South America, Asia, Europe and even local Ontario Quarries.  Granite also comes in a large selection of beautiful colours – blacks, greys, pinks, reds, greens, and a selection of face finishes – polished, steeled, rough or smooth. 

Bronze – Diecast Bronze Plates are often seen on cremation niches, on flat markers, or as plaques for tree and bench memorials.  While over time and when exposed to weather, bronze may patina (change in colour tones toward green) the beauty of the product is never diminished.  

We will assist and advise on which combination will showcase the design and engraving in the best manner for your monument or marker.

Marble and Limestone – these materials are no longer offered as weather and time have shown that they are vulnerable to “sugaring” (erosion) and breakage when exposed to the elements.  

Considerations for Personalization

In order to make this process as personal and meaningful as possible, it is useful to consider how you may want to represent these unique elements into a memorial:

Faith And Beliefs – through traditional symbols, icons, shape, quoted scripture

Character And Traits – through etchings, portraits, lyrics and sayings

Family And Cultural Heritage – family relationships and genealogy is often captured.

Accomplishments – goals, dreams, and purpose

Profession - often easiest to portray through symbols

Events And Occasions of Significance – those most treasured and memorable moments.

Social And Civic Contributions  - service to country, local organizations, churches and charities

Hobbies And Interests – those activities that provide passion and excitement in our lives.

Stompin' Tom Monument Reflect his music, his passions, and his love for Canada

Little Lake Cemetery Co. is honoured to have been contracted for the creation of the memorial art piece which now adorns the final resting place of Stompin’ Tom Connors, and his mother, in the cemetery near the Connors’ home.  

Made exclusively of granite from Nova Scotia and Ontario, by Canadian craftsmen, this black monument, with a red granite maple leaf, symbolizes the legacy of Stompin’ Tom. 

It was important to the family to capture both the public figure, and the private man, in this permanent memorial.  The detailed etching of Tom, set in front of the map of Canada, is a remarkable rendering of the famous musician. The chess piece (Tom was a talented and passionate chess player) is inscribed with the lyrics of “I am the Wind”, plus poetry and scripture.  Attention to detail is in every inch, including the base that is polished in a manner to reflect a chess board. 

Danny Bronson, Family Coordinator at Little Lake Cemetery, got to know the Connors family while assisting with the private and public funeral services for Tom Connors, held last spring at Highland Park Funeral Centre (a division of Little Lake Cemetery Co.) and at the Memorial Centre.  Danny continued to work closely with Tom’s son over the winter months to design this important tribute.  

Monuments and Markers are permanent pieces of personal art, on display forever, as a testament to a life(s) lived. This unique stone will share the Stompin’ Tom story for generations to come.

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